Insurance to protect you during an Amazon suspension. Enquire with us today to find out when you can receive Amazon Sellers Suspension Insurance.

Amazon Sellers Suspension Insurance

Any person or company who is selling goods or services online with Amazon should always protect themselves in the unfortunate event that your Amazon account is suspended.

If at anytime Amazon believe you are in breach of their selling guidelines, they can suspend your account and they will go ahead and do this without any notice or often without any reason given.

At Online Sellers Insurance, we offer an insurance policy that helps Amazon Sellers to not only get their accounts reinstated quickly, but to also get paid if reinstatement takes longer than 72 hours.

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Why should I get Amazon Sellers Insurance?

There is no guarantee that your account will never be suspended from Amazon which is why sellers who do not plan ahead for an account suspension are at risk.

 We know that sellers usually have multiple suppliers to pay and at different times do not have large financial reserves to back them if they were to be suspended by Amazon. This is where it is greatly important to ensure you are protecting yourself with Amazon Sellers Suspension Insurance. This helps you collect operational funds if your Amazon disbursements stop.

Amazon Suspension Reasons

Every month, there are multiple account suspensions on Amazon. These are due to many reasons including:

  • Minor FViolations
  • Policy Enforcement changes & sellers fail to make appropriate changes
  • Copyright infringement / intellectual property
  • Suspected hacking of account
  • Negative feedback from buy or other online sellers
  • False claims

This policy is designed to protect your turnover in the event of a suspension and actually helps in investigating the suspension and getting you back selling on Amazon as quickly as possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy Amazon Sellers Suspension Insurance?

From us! Request a quote from Online Sellers Insurance and a member of our team will be in contact with you for more information.

I have already been suspended, can I still take out a policy?

 Yes, you can still have a policy however it will not cover any previous or current suspensions.


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