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How Amazon Sees the Small Business Opportunity in Australia

Small businesses are one of Amazon’s greatest assets. Article: Finder Not many companies demonstrate their own success through the success of others. However, Amazon is not like many other companies. Taking stage at Amazon Innovation Day, where the sheer size of the crowd hoping to soak up some of Amazon’s success was almost overwhelming, the […]

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Amazon Released Its First Australian Ad Campaign

Amazon reveals its first Australia ad campaign, making its debut last week with a 30-second TV ad and outdoor campaign for Echo. This is predominantly running across Sydney. Ad News informs viewers that the TV ad shows two young boys playing with their father when their mother comes home unexpectedly. The boys and their dad […]

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Reliable Educations Summit

We are down at Brisbane today for Reliable Educations Summit!! Looking forward to meeting some great people! If your looking at changing your life and career, get onboard and contact Adam or Joe for a great journey with online selling on Amazon 🙌🏽🙌🏽 

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One of the Top Elite Broker’s for 2018

We are pretty stoked to be named one of the Top Elite Broker’s for 2018! Thanks to our great staff and family who have supported us along the way. Peter and I are very appreciative of this acknowledgment. We are looking forward to a successful year!  

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Lack of Inventory on Amazon Australia Offers Significant Opportunities

Australians are still keen to buy from overseas sellers despite the launch of Amazon Australia, according to a report from OFX and Hitwise. This is creating a more lucrative opportunity for overseas sellers than previously expected. Read more about it from the following source link:   Amazon Australia Insurance Opportunities for Online Sellers Online […]

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Amazon Now Has Over 10,000 Retailers

Since Amazon launched in Australia, now has over 10,000 sellers on the site. According to the report by Marketplace Pulse, it has doubled in size from 5,000 sellers in January and signs up an average of around 80 sellers per day. The data analysis further reports that Amazon Australia is expected to reach 50,000 […]

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Australia’s Ecommerce in 2018: How Amazon Challenges the Retail Industry

In October of 2017, a total of 4.6 million adult Australians visited the Amazon US site. But now that the new is here, it is going to bring a lot more to the table for Australian consumers: cheaper prices, shipping benefits, marketplace for local business and a huge range of products. Source: If […]

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Amazon: The Relentless Force Hitting Australian Retailers

Australian businesses run the risk of allowing the decidedly underwhelming debut from Amazon to lure them into a false sense of security. Like in Europe and the US, Amazon will become a dominant force in Australia. The question is, when, not if. Smart brands will get on board early and reap rewards when its inevitable […]

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