Instagram Content Etiquette with Online Sellers Insurance

We are constantly sent questions about product selection, correct timing of insurances, production timelines and so much more. But for the first time, we have received a great question from one of our lovely clients. It was something along the lines of… “how do you go about using other people’s photos on Instagram, what is the correct Instagram etiquette?”

Our quick answer… it’s acceptable! If you tag and acknowledge the account you have shared, this is considered general Instagram etiquette. However, the question then went on to ask “what about using these images for third party applications?”

Well, our quick answer here is… NO! It is absolutely not acceptable to share other people’s images outside of Instagram without direct and solid permission from the owner of the image. This would be considered a breach of Instagram policies.

Check out the video below of Pete from Online Sellers Insurance explaining this.

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Online Sellers Insurance and Instagram

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