The Power of Instagram for E-commerce & Amazon Sellers

Listen up! If you are not on Instagram, you need to be. Roxanne from Online Sellers Insurance knows first hand the importance of social media, especially Instagram

So why is Instagram so important? You have the ability to continually showcase all of your products in a range of different ways to give your customer insight into how products can be used, showcased and applied to different lifestyles. 

To ensure your Instagram is a success, it’s important to have beautiful, ongoing content to upload on a regular basis. Undertaking photoshoots to get content of your products that unique, innovative and professional ensures that your audience is always exposed to the latest and greatest of your product range and that it inspires them to make a purchase. 

When you upload content on Instagram, you also have the ability to add ‘shopping bags’ so that customers can view the prices and also drive them to make a purchase directly. 

Most importantly, it’s a second platform outside of your e-commerce or Amazon store to not only drive awareness but to drive direct sales for your business. 

To find out more about Instagram and the benefits it provides to e-commerce stores, make sure you watch the video below: 

Online Sellers Insurance & E-Commerce 

If you are an online seller then you need to ensure you are protecting your business from the unknown. At Online Sellers Insurance, we tailor policies to suit all of your individual needs, regardless of the platform you sell on. Get insurance for your business today, schedule an appointment or get a quick and easy quote.


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