Do your policies comply with Amazon’s terms and conditions?

Yes, we have worked with Amazon for the past few years to make sure we comply with all requirements. Our Certificate of Insurance is approved through Amazon.

Does the policy cover all online platforms?

Yes, our policies automatically cover you for all online platforms at no additional cost.

Can you cover me if I don’t reside within Australia?

Unfortunately, we’re only able to provide coverage if you reside within Australia. Our partner broker may be able to assist with this though and we can refer you on.  

Can I make monthly payments for my premium?

Yes, we do offer an instalment plan which is 10 instalments over a 12-month period, this is through our funder Elantis Premium Funding.

Is the premium in AUD or USD?

As we’re an Australian based company, all premiums are in AUD.

If my estimated turnover is incorrect, will I still be covered?

Yes, we understand you will be unable to predict your up-and-coming earnings over the next 12 months. This is just an estimate and will have no impact on your coverage. At renewal time we will ask your actual earnings of the past 12 months and it may be reflected in your renewal quote.

How long will it take to receive back my quote?

This can usually take anywhere between 1-3 business days.

Who owns Online Sellers?

Online Sellers is wholly owned by Community Broker Network Australia, a wholly owned division of Steadfast, Australasia's largest general insurance broking group. Day to day management and operations are staffed by a team from CBN with technical assistance from

What if I have a claim?

No worries at all, we're here to help. Simply email us or fill out this form and we'll get back to you ASAP. As a broker we don't make the call if claims are approved or not, ultimately that is at the discretion of the insurer, but as your broker we will advocate on your behalf, and do our utmost to ensure the experience is well managed, that you have our full support, and we will keep you informed during the process, and share all feedback directly from the underlying insurer and the final results.

How do the MatesRates work?

Once you sign-up with OnlineSellers for your insurance plan, you'll be sent a quick form and then given a unique access code that lets you shop with MatesRates speciality stores and receive 10% discounts off all purchases, and on certain days 20% with selected vendors.

For a full overview visit

Note offer subject to our agreement with MatesRates being renewed, currently in place from 13th February 2024 - December 2024. For full MatesRates T's & C's visit:

If you'd like to feature your store in MatesRates, we're happy to introduce you to the team too.

What can't be insured?

Unfortunately, not everything is insurable, and all decisions are subject to offer and acceptance by our underwriting partners, but below is a broad list of things we can't do. This list isn't exhaustive but you can probaly get a sense of what's difficult to cover and why :) 

‍Adult Toys
Alcohol products of any kind
Animal feed
Baby carriers and slings
Baby food or baby formula
Baby furniture (cradles, cribs, bassinets, high chairs, rockers, prams)
Baby nappy's
Beauty products (except natural non-toxic products purchased from Australian suppliers)
Children's toys (bicycles, tricycles, projective toys, safety, floatation and/or aquatic toys, toys containing choking hazards, magnets or batteries smaller than a D-size battery)
Electrical goods
Equine products
Explosive Tools, fireworks, flammable liquid or bulk pool chemicals
Guns and/or ammunition
Gym equipment and bicycles
Hammocks and swings
Hazardous flammable or dangerous goods (excluding candles sold within Australia only)Incontinence aidsIngestibles (food, drinks purchased from overseas or sold to overseas countries)
Knives, swords or spears (excluding cutlery)
Lactation products and breast pads
Latex productsMechanical and electrical goods
Medical Equipment
Medicines, potions, nail polishMenstruation products
Model aircraft and drones
Motorised vehicles
Motorcycle straps
Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)
Pet food
Products containing Bisphenol A
Products containing Phthalates
Products intended to be used in connection with the navigation of vehicles, aircraft or watercraft
Parts for motor vehicles
Power tools
Products that have been dispensed or have been repackaged into smaller containers for retail sales, except where the original product dispensed has not been altered, mixed or blended with other ingredients or products with clear product labelling of use and ingredients
Products sold in containers exceeding 5 litres or 5 kilograms
Products that do not meet Australian Consumer Law, Australian Standards or Regulations
Safety equipment
Vitamins, herbs, protein powders, nutraceuticals or any health and weight loss products (excluding fresh herbs and spices)