Amazon Australia – It’s the Company’s Fastest Growing Marketplace

It’s now been just over six months since Amazon Australia launched and the company is on track to lead the way and smash any e-commerce competition.Within the first 24-hours of launching, Amazon Australia had over 2,000 third-party sellers and within a month had over 5,000. Now the platform boasts over 14,000 sellers who have products listed.In order to attract more merchants and buyers, Amazon introduced Australia’s first fulfilment centre (FBA) in February. This gave the opportunity to sellers to have products shipped to the fulfilment centre and pay Amazon to store, pick, pack and deliver the customers orders directly to them. Since its introduction, 19 percent of Amazon Australia’s top sellers were using FBA.

eBay Bans Australian Sellers from Using FBA

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Image: Getty Images, share by the Daily Mail.To ensure that eBay Australia does not lose their top market position in Australia, they banned their Australian sellers from using the FBA service to fulfil orders. eBay’s revised policy includes the statement “You must not use a third-party provider to fulfil eBay orders on your behalf, when the third party is another retailer or marketplace, such as Amazon. This includes third parties that are owned, directly or indirectly, by another retailer or marketplace; and the order is being fulfilled from within Australia.”Although many were wary of the launch into Australia, Amazon Australia has nearly tripled in size over the past six months and it is predicted that over 50,000 sellers will be on board the platform by the end of 2018.Further, the Australian platform it is officially Amazon’s fastest growing marketplace relative to its size. This is due to the continual addition of more and new sellers from countries like China, Japan, Mexico and Brazil.With huge sales predictions and Australia’s e-commerce market to reach nearly $12 billion in sales USD this year and will grow beyond $16 billion in sales USD by 2022, sellers would be wise to enter the market immediately.Before the marketplace grows even more and gets overcrowded, give yourself the opportunity to get a jumpstart on your competition and build your ranking and reputation with Amazon Australia.When you become a seller on Amazon or other online e-commerce platforms you must ensure that your business is protected. Online Sellers Insurance offers a range of different covers including product liability insurance and shipping and cargo insurance. Get a quick and easy quote with us today. We look forward to hearing from you.