Amazon Australia Now Leaving Coles, Kmart & Myer Behind

It’s official, Amazon Australia is officially pouncing ahead of Australian retailers including Coles, Kmart and Myer in online visitor traffic. This comes just five months after it’s launch thanks to the data provided by The News Daily.Amazon has more than doubled their profits to $1.6 billion US dollars which caused the price to surge to 4 percent. While there are no specific details on Australia’s part in this, there was a mention of Amazon Australia’s launch but no sales data.With no sales data to analyse nor any information on how many users are using the platform or their average spend, the data was measured by comparing online traffic against its Australian competitors.EBay is still the market leader in Australia but Amazon is quickly surpassing and outperforming an array of Australian e-commerce industry leaders. It is clear that Coles, Kmart and Myer are no match for Amazon Australia with their web traffic outshining each of these companies. Refer to the image below.

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Amazon Australia is Continuing to Grow

With over 14,000 sellers with products listed on the Amazon platform and there is no sign of Amazon Australia slowing down, in fact, it is continuing to grow. A huge percentage of these sellers are already using the fulfilment centre and store their products at the warehouse.Further, when Amazon Prime launches in Australia, sellers will win because they will no longer have to undertake their own deliveries. Not only that, the customers will also win because they don’t have to worry that the product is not being shipped from within Australia.

Amazon Sellers Should Have Online Sellers Insurance

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