Blocking Australian Shoppers from July 1

When the goods and services tax regime comes into effect in July, will block Australian shoppers from importing products from its international e-commerce sites.Shoppers will automatically be redirected to the Australia Amazon site – as it already offers more than 60 million products across 23 different categories. This means that Amazon will no longer ship internationally from its overseas sites to Australian addresses.Amazon understands that this will be an inconvenience to customers who visit the international websites but have had to reassess based on legislation. They said “We have had to assess the workability of the legislation as a global business with multiple international sites” said a spokesperson.

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The only way Australian consumers will be able to purchase from Amazon US and Amazon UK will be to send it to an address within that country and have it sent via an online freight forwarding service.Although this may seem like it will make a big impact at first, analysts have said that if the move is well executed, it has the potential to significantly boost traffic and sales on This is also a blessing for current online sellers in Australia, in particularly those already selling on the Amazon Australia platform.To ensure Australian customers to do not miss out on any of their desired products however, Amazon is launching a global store which is accessible to Australian consumers. Meaning that products from its retail site will be available.In an email to customers today, the company said from July 1 it would redirect Australian shoppers from its international sites to where products sold by Amazon US will be available on the new global store’ – ABC News"We have taken this step to provide our customers with continued access to international selection and allow us to remain compliant with the law which requires us to collect and remit GST on products sold on Amazon sites that are shipped from overseas," the company said.With Amazon now redirecting to the Amazon Australian platform, there is huge potential for online sellers to take advantage of selling online and capturing the millions of potential sales readily available from July 1. If you are already an online seller or looking to become one, make sure you get a quick and easy quote from Online Sellers Insurance and protect your business from the unknown. For more information, visit the rest of our website.Information Sources:Article from ABCArticle from AFR