Amazon Debut 'Launchpad' for Aussie Retail Start-Ups

Exciting times for sellers looking to sell on Amazon Australia. Article shared thanks to Channels News. Amazon Australia has targeted local start-ups and small businesses with the debut of its ‘Launchpad’ program – helping new or unknown brands “with a homegrown twist” raise their profile, and sell online.The Amazon-run ‘incubator’ kicks off with 150 local and international brands, encompassing everything from clothing to homewares – e.g. LIFX smart lights.Launchpad participants will receive assistance selling products online, and gain access to the tech giant’s marketing, logistics and retail expertise to grow their business.Some commentators claim the initiative could help emerging brands capitalise on the growing smart home movement, whilst taking on and with a local edge.Amazon Australia Country Manager, Rocco Braueniger, asserts Launchpad will bring new brands to Aussie customers, whilst assisting homegrown entrepreneurs.

“Australian customers will be able to show their support for local businesses through shopping from a host of homegrown innovative products, all underscored by the convenience and fast delivery from”

[Amazon Australia Launchpad]

Brands will receive a dedicated place on’s LaunchPad store, with custom product pages featuring videos, photos and more.Participants will receive a stronger level of marketing support than usual Amazon third-party sellers, coupled with its Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) and Prime service.The news comes after Amazon Launchpad launched in the United States in 2015, followed by Germany, UK, Italy, Spain, India and France.Amazon Australia launched in late 2017, expanding to over 125 million products.Some commentators claim the e-tailer still has some way to go before it catches up to traditional retailers in terms of price competitiveness, however, a looming threat remains.

Amazon Australia & Online Sellers Insurance

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