Amazon Nearly Has Its Own Delivery Fleet

We all know that Amazon packages don’t just deliver themselves – well not yet, anyway. In July of this year, Amazon made an announcement, saying that it would be recruiting people interested in starting their own delivery business. These delivery companies would work for Amazon, moving packages from fulfilment centres to the doorsteps of customers. The company has said that tens of thousands of potential recruits have applied for the position as ‘Delivery Service Partners’, including former NFL players."We've been really blown away by the number of people who approached us," Dave Clark, Amazon's SVP of worldwide operations, told CNNMoney. "We expected a lot of interest but the sheer volume — the tens of thousands of people who actually went all the way through the process to make themselves eligible for the program — has been really humbling.”With the number of applicants, Amazon has decided to accelerate and expand their original plans. The company revealed that they have already purchased 20,000 Sprinter vans from Mercedes-Benz, each painted dark blue and bearing the signature Prime arrow logo. This is a significant increase from Amazon's first order of 5,000 vans.Amazon hopes to see 100 small delivery businesses with thousands of vans running by the end of 2018. This partnership program is said to be part of Amazons plan to have more control of the delivery service of their products and goods, which ships 5 billion packages per year globally."They really run the gamut of background and locations," Clark said. "What we see is people who have this entrepreneurial spirit, people who want to run their own business, people who want to have control over their own destiny, people who want to build something for themselves and their families."With this new business model launching in America this year, it is only a matter of time before they launch the same practice in Australia. If you are an Amazon seller or sell online on another platform, make sure you are protecting yourself from the unknown. At Online Sellers Insurance, we offer tailored insurance policies built around your needs. From product and liability insurance to suspension insurance and shipping and cargo insurance, we offer it all! Contact us today for a quick and easy quote.