Amazon Now in Australia | Do You Have Insurance?

After numerous rumoured launch dates, Amazon is now in Australia and we are so excited! We can now buy toys, computers, clothes, books and other products from Amazon Australia. We are even more excited about all the incredible opportunities available to Amazon Sellers. Amazon offers 23 different categories to sell in. These include beauty, baby, camera, books, accessories and clothing, DVD, health and personal care, electronics, kitchen, music, office products, software, sports and outdoors and so much more. There are already thousands of Australian businesses selling their products on Amazon as it provides an e-commerce solution to meet needs of all of us. The way Australians shop online will be fundamentally transformed. It offers a complete online retail solution that is beneficial for both retailers and consumers. While there is no doubt in our mind that Amazon is a great addition to the Australian retail landscape, there is a lot of risk for Amazon Sellers if they are not properly insured.

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Online Sellers Insurance offers insurance to Amazon Sellers who need a tailored insurance policy including product liability insurance and shipping and cargo insurance. Now is the perfect opportunity to protect your business from the unknown, to protect your reputation and all of your business profits. Get Amazon Sellers Insurance today! Contact Online Sellers Insurance and have a policy tailored to your business. Online Sellers Insurance, offering online Amazon sellers insurance to Amazon sellers all over Australia and beyond. This includes Amazon Sellers Insurance in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, Western Australia and the Northern Territory. It also extends to Amazon sellers selling products in the USA.