Amazon Released Its First Australian Ad Campaign

Amazon reveals its first Australia ad campaign, making its debut last week with a 30-second TV ad and outdoor campaign for Echo. This is predominantly running across Sydney.Ad News informs viewers that the TV ad shows two young boys playing with their father when their mother comes home unexpectedly. The boys and their dad race upstairs and jump into bed, telling Amazon’s voice assistant Alexa to “begin their night time routine.”The TV ad and outdoor campaign ads significantly promote the Echo Dot by asking Alexa various questions.Amazon has also announced that it is bringing Prime to Australia.The arrival in Australia was one of the most hyped retail event last year and since its arrival, many businesses have flocked to the platform.View the commercial via this link: thanks to AdNews.If you are a seller on Amazon and would like to protect your business from the unknown, ensure you get a free quote with Online Sellers Insurance today. We look forward to hearing from you.