Amazon Success Stories: Retailers Who Successfully Expanded on Amazon

There is nothing we love more than hearing about the success of others. Stories such as these inspire and motivate us. See how businesses similar to yours have grown and are continuing to grow with Amazon.

Amazon Success Story 1: Kap7

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Alex Young, founder of Kap7 came up with the idea to start his business after doing a search on Amazon and realising there was a huge opportunity for his business to offer customers water polo products.Today, if you do a search on Amazon for products such as ‘Water Polo Ball’, Kap7 will be one of the top searches. They extend their product offerings to water polo swimwear and are showcased on Amazon up with some of the biggest brands in the world, right behind Nike. That is a great search engine optimisation story on Amazon and beyond.“We were personally shopping on Amazon all the time, and there wasn’t anyone that was selling our type of products there,” says Alex.“We needed to take advantage of that. None of our direct competitors have moved onto Amazon yet, so we are ahead of the game in the water polo market. Once you have it dialed-in [to Amazon], it runs itself.”Alex considers Amazon another sales channel for his business as Kap7. This is because although Kap7 can often make a 50% margin off of its products on their own website, on Amazon this is reduced to 25%. Although there is a 50% decrease in margins, it is worth it for Alex who sees Amazon as a very highly trafficked and high sales channel. He knows that there are people who only shop at Amazon and others who shop on e-commerce sites so he ensures Kap7 is available to them all. For Alex, Amazon revenue is a given. It will come in because people are shopping there.Alex runs a small, 7-person company with a headquarters in LA. It has been a huge success and they are continuing to grow both online and through Amazon.

Amazon Success Story 2: The Dairy Fairy

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Emily Ironi is the founder of The Dairy Fairy – a very quickly growing nursing brad company serving people all over the world. Four years ago, working as a single mum, Emily was passionate about breastfeeding her new-born as she wanted to give it the best start to life. The selection of nursing bras she found, however, was anything but enjoyable or pretty to wear.She decided then and there that no mum should be made to feel uncomfortable and unattractive so she made her own bra.Today, new mums and others wear the bra due to its comfort and support. Not long after her launch in 2015, Emily looked to Amazon to test how sales would go on this platform and they doubled!“Amazon’s been incredible for my business. I started selling on Amazon in October of 2015, and it’s doubled my sales,” says Emily.“What that tells me is that there’s a whole slew of people who didn’t know I existed, and they’d just go in and type ‘hands-free pumping bra.’ It’s working way better than a Google search for me.”Every Amazon seller has a story and each year more and more sellers are profiting off the back of Amazon. If you have an e-commerce store and would like to increase your sales via Amazon of If you are currently a seller on Amazon then make sure you protect your business with insurance.Online Sellers Insurance can insure your business from the unknown and protect all your needs. Contact us today to get a quote.Source: