Amazon to Become Unstoppable

They say that Amazon may have had a ‘shaky’ start in Australia but the future looks a lot brighter with it predicted to become unstoppable.When Amazon Australia launched in Australia, there was a limited range of products, the prices were higher than customers expected and the delivery was also more expensive. This underwhelmed many potential customers.This, however, has not stopped Amazon and it is moving full steam ahead. Lower prices are now coming into effect. Customers can expect to pay far lower prices on Amazon than other competitive retailers. A Nespresso coffee machine that costs $139 on Amazon retails for $178.95 at – making Amazon the top choice for customers looking for cheaper prices.

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Amazon Prime is expected to launch in Australia in the next 12 months. This will guarantee members free and faster delivery. This is what a lot of people are saying will make Amazon unstoppable.To find out more information, watch the Current Affair clip here: you are an online seller who is looking to take advantage of the Amazon Australia platform or are already selling on online platforms, make sure you protect your business from the unknown. At Online Sellers Insurance, we tailor an insurance policy built around your needs.We will supply you with a quote quickly and easily and get in contact with us today. We look forward to hearing from you.Information source thanks to Nine News: