Do you sell baby products or children’s toys for under 12’s? Important Online Sellers Insurance update!

If you are an online seller that sells baby products or children’s toys for under 12 year olds, then you may be finding it difficult to get product liability insurance. At Online Sellers Insurance, we understand that you want to cover yourself and your products from any unforeseen circumstances however when it comes to the type of product you are selling it may be difficult to cover your business. Product liability insurance is an absolute must for any business owner selling products as it covers you should any issues arise regarding the actual products you are selling. Whether you manufacture the product or buy it from a manufacturer, you need it regardless. No matter whether you have been knocked back for insurance previously, Online Sellers Insurance will still submit a cover for you - we have have had a lot of success in this area! In fact, we go one step further - instead of just covering you in your country of residence, we will ensure you are covered worldwide so you never have to worry about where or how you sending your products. There are many reasons why children’s products are a lot more difficult to insure than others. There is a statute of limitations to bring a lawsuit is much longer for children than adults. There are certain waiver agreements that make the user of the product aware of the potential risks and require acceptance of such risks are not effective with children. There is a higher degree of care expected from businesses that distribute children’s products and children cannot be expected to have the same judgement as an adult and there may not use the product for its intended purpose. If you would like more information, check out the video below with Pete from Online Sellers Insurance.

Children’s Products and Online Sellers Insurance

When it comes to selling online, specifically children’s products, you want to make sure that you are covered from any unforeseen circumstances. Get a quote or schedule an appointment with Online Sellers Insurance today. We look forward to hearing from you.