E-Commerce Sellers - What if Your Stock Gets Lost, Damaged or Worse Still…

Are you an e-commerce store that sells ? Protect your business and your livelihood from lost, stolen and damaged packages by insuring your shipments.When you get online seller’s insurance you are reducing any exposure to financial loss. There are hundreds of reasons why you need to get shipping and cargo insurance. Here are the top 5 reasons why you should not risk suffering any great loss.

  1. Cargo damage is a common occurrence

One of the most common claims is cargo damage. There are so many ways cargo can be damaged from bad stowage, poor conditions, overloading, bad packaging, bad airflow and so much more.

  1. Cargo theft is rising

Cargo theft is on the rise. There is a plethora of stories over the last couple of years on cargo being stolen and a huge reason as to why you need insurance.

  1. More containers get lost at sea every year

With the trend to mega ships, carrying huge stacks of shipping containers across the oceans, cargo containers overboard have actually increased.

  1. Catastrophic events happen

From storms to shipwrecks, explosions and even pirate attacks, catastrophic events happen and without insurance, you can be deeply affected by the loss of goods.

  1. Contractual agreements

You may be obliged in some circumstances to provide insurance to protect the buyer’s interest, especially when selling goods. If you have not paid attention to these small details, sometimes the shipper can be held responsible.Protect yourself from the unknown and don’t risk any financial loss. If you are an online seller or Amazon seller, check out this video and get a quick and easy quote from Online Sellers Insurance today by scheduling an appointment. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OL0z5X8NhJs

E-Commerce Insurance

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