Getting The Most Out Of Your Amazon Account

Savvy businesses are taking advantage of the Amazon Australia platform by becoming Amazon sellers and listing their products online.There are many ways in which Amazon sellers can take their listings to the next level and get the most out of there Amazon account. Here are a few tips.

Getting the Most Out of Your Amazon Account

  1. Listing products: When listing each your products online ensure that each of the products has clear names, descriptions, keywords and high-quality photo’s.

Just like other online marketplaces, products are the most appealing when the copy is engaging and the photography is high quality so that people can clearly see.

  1. Products to show up on SERP: It is important to ensure that your products show up on SERP (search engine optimisation) for all the right searches. This is similar to how Google does their algorithm.

There a many factors that go into which products rank higher than others. This includes titles, backend keywords, sales history, pricing, customer reviews, fulfilment methods and customer reviews.

  1. Take advantage of marketing tools: Amazon offers a suite of marketing tools for sellers to promote their products. This includes the main area being Amazon Sponsored Products.

Like Adwords for Amazon, there is a keyword-focused pay-per-click advertising service which allows sellers to bid their way to the top of search results and ensure that customers are able to see your products.

  1. Customer reviews: Positive customer reviews can give your business a huge a huge sales boost.

Encourage customers to leave customer reviews on your products so that other potential customers can use this to help them with their product purchases. The more positive customer reviews you have, the more it benefits the overall profitability.All Australian retailers should be incredibly excited about Amazon Australia and the opportunity it gives small businesses and other online retailers.If you are already on Amazon or other online retail platforms, make sure you are protecting your business. Contact Online Sellers Insurance and get an insurance policy tailored specifically to your needs. Get a quick and easy quote today.