Online Sellers Insurance Gives Back to The John Fawcett Foundation

Pete, one of our amazing Online Sellers Insurance founders, had the privilege to be involved in The John Fawcett Foundation (JFF) in Indonesia this month. Giving it back to locals and helping them regain their eyesight and prosthetic eyes.The John Fawcett Foundation is committed to doing as much as it can to eradicate curable blindness in Indonesia and to this end is seeking funding to expand its very successful mobile eye clinic model to other economically-disadvantaged areas of Indonesia.

online sellers insurance john fawcett foundation

The JFF is a humanitarian not-for-profit organisation which assists needy people in Indonesia, particularly in the field of sight restoration and blindness prevention. It offers its assistance to people in the lower socio-economic group free of charge and without religious, political or ethnic consideration.

“There are 7 million blind people in Indonesia, and 4.6 million of these are cataract blind, a condition which is curable in most cases. However for most Indonesians, the cost of a cataract operation is far beyond their financial capacity and they remain blind throughout their lives, a burden on their families and communities.”

John Fawcett began his humanitarian projects in Bali in 1989. These included the Cleft Lip and Palate Program and the Mobile Eye Clinic for Cataract Surgery. JFF was established as an Australian incorporated association in 2000, bringing these programs together in one organisation. In the same year, the Indonesian counterpart, Yayasan Kemanusiaan Indonesia (YKI) was established, later registered as The John Fawcett Foundation Indonesia (Yayasan John Fawcett Indonesia).

online sellers insurance john fawcett foundation

JFF’s humanitarian projects are based in Bali, Indonesia, and include Sight Restoration and Blindness Prevention, Children’s Corrective Surgery, Prosthetic Eyes and Technology Transfer. The programs target people who are economically disadvantaged and all services are provided free of charge.JFF receives Indonesia-wide recognition for its successful humanitarian programs, which are conducted in cooperation with Provincial and District Governments, and in partnership with many professional organisations, local and international media, medical equipment suppliers and international funding organisations. JFF funds its activities through donations from individuals, businesses, and organisations.

online sellers insurance john fawcett foundation

Online Sellers Insurance is incredibly grateful that they are part of such an incredible foundation and would like to thank the John Fawcett Foundation for their amazing work and allowing them to be a part of such an important initiative.Online Sellers Insurance ensures online sellers and protects them from the unknown by tailoring an insurance policy to suit your needs. To find out more or to make an inquiry, please contact us today.Information sources:John Fawcett Foundation