Why We Love Amazon Australia

Did you know that before Amazon came to Australia, Australian consumers already loved it? They have spent around $500-$700 million on the retail giant in the United States before launching here in Australia.Amazon has attracted long-term, loyal customers through its customer-focused business model consisting of three strategies. Here’s why we love Amazon Australia:1. Epic customer choice across a huge range of categories;2. Provide a robust platform for a huge variety of affiliate retailers;3. They are supported by a greatly efficient integrated logistics operation.They are continually focused on providing a low price with a vast selection and a fast delivery to their customers. All of which has generated fierce loyalty. Instead of searching online for products, many consumers will go directly to Amazon to find the product they are looking for – 80% of these consumers will buy from Amazon once per month.

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Before Amazon launched in Australia, Amazon retailers were yet to encounter competition comparable to that of the Amazon retail environment. Instead of retailers standing back and refusing to create a strategic online position with Amazon, we are looking forward to seeing those retailers who will emerge on Amazon. Savvy businesses and local suppliers who decide to place their products on Amazon can look to see an increase in sales thanks to the huge consumer reach on the platform.This is yet another reason why we love Amazon Australia! It is creating a marketplace that is driven by customer demand. Australian businesses will create products and services based on customer needs and wants. This will strengthen brand loyalty and ensure that businesses are successful long-term.If you are a business who is looking to sell on Amazon or already selling on Amazon then make sure you are protected. Contact Online Sellers Insurance today choose from a range of Amazon Insurance covers. We will supply you with a quote quick and easily!Online Sellers Insurance, dedicated to you and all your different Amazon Insurance needs. Servicing Australia, Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, Western Australia and beyond.

Source: Amazon plans to launch in Australia and take a $4BILLION bite out of local sales - with JB Hi-Fi and Harvey Norman to get hit the hardest